Barcelona international PHP conference wrap up

After attending Google Developer Day in Madrid, I knew it was going to be hard to impress me. But the guys from phpbcnint08 blowed me away! Not only because of the very high quality of the speakers, the comfortable and appropriate venue, the really good meal, the all you can drink or the Wii, the XBOX 360, the Acer Aspire One, the O’Reilly books and the flight tickets they gave away.

What really impressed me was the love and commitement that all of the organizers showed about PHP. Some people say that you get what you pay for… well, the event registration was only 20 euros and some of the best-known PHP community speakers were there.

There were simultaneous talks, so I couldn’t attend all of them:

Marcus Bointon started with e-mail in PHP, not only showed the benefits of PHP Mailer, he also dug into the mass mailing topic, giving some interesting facts and recommendations about handling the delivery of  huge amounts of e-mails.

The next talk was as entertaining as interesting, Arno Schneider who does a really good job designing very appealing slides, explained his disagreement with Rasmus Lerdorf about PHP frameworks, showed some real world examples and took many of us back to our early programming days when our code was a mess.

Scott MacVicar and Derick Rethans were the last ones, they talked about SQLite 3 and Xdebug respectively. A pair of interesting and mature projects, both of which I’ve had the time to test drive.

My trip to Barcelona was totally worth it. I want to give a huge thanks to the organizers and encourage them to keep up with their loyalty and hard work towards the community, creating this type of good quality events and hoping for nothing in return.

One thought on “Barcelona international PHP conference wrap up

  1. Arno Schneider

    Hi Mauricio,

    thanks for attending the last PHP Barcelona Conference. We, the organizers and speakers, would also like to thank all attendees, without you. … no conference ;)
    If anyone is interested in the conference slides and or videos, stay tuned and checkout:

    The videos of the sessions should be published soon. My slides are available at:

    Hope to see you at the next conference :-)



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